Making a Grand entrance! November 23 2016

It's been a busy couple of months. The house has been covered in a layer of jib dust numerous time as we gib stopped, sanded, jib stopped and sanded some more.

We have painted most of the interior "half black white" from Resene to lighten the inside and create a blank canvas for the Art we have collected over the years. Many of our pieces are from our talented friends.

I wanted to include a few pictures of our stunning entrance way. Our house is a little like Narnia. You enter through the front door and into a space you weren't expecting. The hall has a sloping starked ceiling, which was once glass but due to a leak a few years ago, the previous owners replaced the glass with semi-clear plastic roofing. 

One of the first jobs the builders did was remove the low lying beams (that were there for looks only) and covered in the sloping ceiling with jib and perspects.

The perspects has created a subdued, yet effective lighting.

 The builders also jibbed over a very 70's plaster feature in the stairwell which is waiting for us to paint and at some stage we would like to re-stain the timber cladding.

Stage 2 should begin in the New year which involves replacing the original bronze coloured Aluminum windows with new, double glazed with dark trim. 

Watch this space!