Down with the old up, with the new! June 07 2016

Over the last couple of weeks I have been juggling Limited Vintage and
Story, and in my spare time, working on the house. Joel and I did some
research and we decide to re-jib the bedrooms and insulate at the same time,
rather than fussing around with removing the exisiting wallpaper which was
stuck fast in the kids' rooms.

We took advantage of Flynn away on school camp and removed the jib in his room first. It only took two days to remove but we are still working on the re-jibbing two weeks later. We're getting there and I have to hand it to Joel, he is doing an amazing job for a first timer.

We will do things differently for the next two bedrooms, such as removing the carpet first. It's a nightmare removing the jib dust from carpet and now it's littered with fluff from the insulation.
We have also been looking at carpets, getting some prices so we can ensure we have money allocated for this at the end. We plan to carpet the bedrooms once we have re-jibbed, prepped and painted them and the lounge/ dining area will be last. We have decided to go with a dark carpet. I have read some forums on the subject of light versus dark carpet and I'm well aware that dark carpet shows fluff etc. Regardless of this we are both wanting a dark charcoal and are prepared to vacuum regularly and we have a black lab cross dog, so seems to make sense. Lastly in regards to heating we have two heat pumps and 3 gas heaters, two of which are unflued. We have decided to have these removed and are now looking into adding a fireplace as well as keeping the two heat pumps. Flynn suggested it and we thought it would be a nice way to heat the house, especially with the higher ceilings and the larger space. Will keep you posted.